2 comments on “My Favorite Artists and Their Art: Frank Frazetta

    • Displays of nudity in art have been commonplace from the beginning. It’s only been relatively recently that some cultures have developed a taboo about nudity be it involving either gender. While in some instances such as with Frazetta, the nudity does take on a sensual or even prurient nature, as evidenced by the emphasis placed on certain female anatomical features, for the most part the use of the nude in art is to represent certain emotional or philosophical ideas such as vulnerability, sexual innocence or sexual maturity. A good example of the two approaches can be found in Edvard Munch‘s Madonna, an ironic title in which a partially nude woman is displayed at the height of her sexual allure and empowerment, and Puberty, in which the nude figure of a young adolescent girl is utilized to conjure up feelings of angst and insecurity.

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